GENERAL CONDITIONS for renting from

The lessee (customer) of bicycles from Probike Monopoli, whose signature appears on this contract, takes delivery of the bicycle and/or other equipment under the clauses and conditions set out in this contract, which the lessee accepts and agrees to abide by.

In order to rent a bicycle and/or equipment, the customer must present a valid identification document to the lessor, which will be returned upon return of the vehicle and after payment of the fee. The bicycle and/or equipment must be returned in compliance with the rental hours agreed upon and/or posted at the rental point, in the same place where it was rented. In the event that the customer does not respect the return times as agreed upon in the rental contract, every additional 30 minutes will be counted as an additional hour of rental and paid for upon return of the vehicle (see posted rates).

2) Before taking possession of the vehicle and/or equipment, the renter must make the payment according to the rates in effect at the time of rental, and the lessor may authorize payments upon return of the vehicle.

3) The customer and the lessor will verify the functional condition of the bicycle or equipment upon delivery. By taking possession of the bicycle, the customer recognizes it as mechanically efficient and declares to have previously checked it.

4) The bicycle or equipment is to be used exclusively as a means of transportation and must be treated with care, common sense, and diligence. Competitions, reckless maneuvers, and exhibitions of any kind are prohibited. The user must use the vehicle in a way that avoids damage, both to the vehicle and its accessories.

5) The use of the bicycle or equipment for commercial activities is prohibited, and it is not possible to lend it to other individuals.

6)The user must comply with the rules of the Highway Code, which they declare to know. The Lessor declines any responsibility in the event of improper use of the vehicle and failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code.

7) The use of the bicycle and/or equipment assumes the physical suitability and technical expertise of the operator. Therefore, by renting the bicycle, the user declares to be equipped with adequate skills and appropriate competence without any reservations.

8) Any incident, damage, or injury resulting from the circulation and use of the bicycle and/or equipment is attributable solely to the user and operator. Therefore, the customer is responsible for any damage caused during the use of the vehicle to themselves, third parties, things, the bicycle, and/or equipment. No compensation can be requested from the Lessor.

9) In case of damage and/or breakage caused to the rented vehicle, including punctures, the user is required to reimburse the part at the current list price and/or the cost of repair.

10) In the event of theft of the bicycle and equipment, failure to return or irreparable damage to the same, the user is required to reimburse the vehicle, which is quantified by a 20% discount from the list price, and must be paid at the time of the return of the identification document.

11) The use of the bicycle is reserved for adults, unless the minor is accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility.

12) The lessor may refuse to rent the bicycle to a person who is deemed unable to operate it (in accordance with Articles 186 and 187 of the Highway Code) or for other reasons, and in any case at the lessor’s sole and absolute discretion.

13) The customer with non-functioning bicycle or equipment may exchange it with another functioning vehicle at the rental point. The rental contract does not provide for the recovery of the vehicle, which will be replaced exclusively at the Probike Monopoli rental point where the rental contract was signed.

14) The signing of the rental contract by the user presupposes the unconditional knowledge and acceptance of this regulation, the rates, the opening and closing hours of the rental service.

15) Expired documents and residence permits are not accepted.

16) If it concerns a group, the signing subject of this contract is responsible for all the points in the “rental conditions.”

17) Any dispute arising from the relationships governed by these general rental conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Bari.

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